Web Strategy

InterWeave uses a five step model to deliver web strategy and design:

  1.  Strategy Defines the site objectives and success criteria 
  2.  Requirements Defines the detailed requirements in terms of functionality and content 
  3.  Structure Defines the overall architecture of the site (e.g. number of pages, how they link together 
  4.  Navigation Defines the user interface, both on the page and inter-page. 
  5.  Page Design Defines the look and feel, colour scheme, placement of page items. 

 Web Strategy is determined by understanding your business objectives,  your current business plans, priorities and targets. It will include:

  • Specific business goals
  • Derived objectives for the Internet / Web activity
  • Recommendations for targets and measuring achievement
  • A plan to achieve the goals with cost estimates
  • A business case model, detailing financial benefits against the costs.

InterWeave offers a complete service from strategy to operations.

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