Business Web Solutions


The aim of InterWeave is to help clients make the most of the opportunity presented by the Internet. This means using the web to support existing business strategies, such as 'grow numbers of customers', 'increase repeat sales to existing customers', 'reduce operating costs'.

We have identified 6 significant opportunities were the web technology and the Internet offer significant advantage. These are described in more detail in the links on the right, these cover:

  • Targeting New Markets - the web provides a low entry cost route into new markets
  • Generating greater Sales revenues - the web allows you to access more customers, 24 hours a day.
  • Reducing Costs of Sales - through more effective order handling costs, enquiries, returns, stock checks, etc
  • Reducing Calls to help lines and call centres - reducing call durations, improve accuracy of information
  • Customer Service Improvement - reducing call waiting times, improve accuracy of information, avoid redirecting calls
  • Improving Internal Staff Efficiency - putting commonly used knowledge and information at your staff's fingertips, reduce time spent looking for information, improve communications between teams, share knowledge. 

InterWeave can help identify the solution to improve your business performance and through its complete design and implementation service, deliver that benefit to you.

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to contact us for a initial discussion about Business Web Solutions and your requirements. If you have a requirement that is not listed above, please feel free to contact us to get our take on whether the web can help.