Improving Customer Service

improving customer service

Creating a customer experience that strengthens the relationship with the company is the objective of most customer service teams. But achieving it can be difficult - the service is only as good as the last call and staff turn-over, training, monitoring and motivation can all be significant challenges. InterWeave can help by exploring whether some of the following options would add value to the customer experience:

  • Knowledge Management - by creating a repository of product / service knowledge and adding an easy to use interface for call agents, it is possible for all agents to answer questions in a consistent and more timely manner. It is possible to use the same tool to suggest 'added value' sales opportunities to the agents as well. Training, call durations, call hand-overs are all reduced. First time fix rates for calls are improved.
  • Information Management and Aggregation - by adding a web-based integration layer over complex back-end systems the job of finding information from several sources is simplified, reducing re-keying of data and call durations.
  • By providing self-help and self-service on a customer facing website, customers can enjoy a 24x7 customer service, without the need for manned call centres working these hours. It also removes calls from call centres, allowing them to add more value by solving more difficult issues.

InterWeave can help identify the benefit available through improved customer service using the web, and through its complete design and implementation service, bring allow you to access these benefits.

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