Targeting New Markets

Targeting new markets

The Web offers several advantages to your business in terms of allowing access to greater markets:

First there is the advantage of the access to an increased volume of potential customers achieved by extending your reach, both geographically and demographically. Experience has shown that web shoppers are not high-street shoppers - and without a site, you could be missing out. Equally even if you have a site, if it isn't easy to use, then your competitors are only a few clicks away.

The second advantage is to be able to offer the convenience and shopping hours to suit the customer - 24 x 7 shopping is the norm for web customers, but is an expensive option with bricks and mortar. Top consumer sites will be busy from 9am in the morning to 1am the next day.

The third opportunity is to cross-link with other markets - for example, if you are selling car insurance, then links from 'What Car' or 'Auto Express', or even from local garages, tyre fitters, etc can create customer visits, which with the right product and website can convert into sales.Greater exposure through search engines - good search engine positioning will also increase the number of visits and hence sales.

InterWeave can help identify benefit of targeting new markets and through its complete design and implementation service, bring those customers to you.

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