Web Performance Improvement

A good web site will help your business. It can convert prospects to customers in minutes, taking them through the marketing, selling and ordering phases. A poor site won't. It will leak customers at each of these stages, giving the appearance of 'doing nothing'. Worse still, it may be frustrating customers so much that they go to your competition - and tell their friends to do so too!

Performance Improvement comes in a number of components. Initially there is a investigative stage to understand what might be causing the problem, based on this, the solution can be built up as follows:

Site is slow Investigations into capacity and traffic figures, covering hardware, database, local network, ISP, memory, caching, server settings, error logs, etc

Low ""Look to Book"" Lots of visitors, but not many customers. Focus here would be on usability, customer feedback, trials, error messages, customer paths through the site, registration process, etc

Not many visitors Search Engine Optimisation is likely to be required. By ensuring the right information is made available your sites position in search engine ratings can be improved. This element will provide in-depth research into key words, phrases and competitor positioning. Advertising on search engines and partners sites is also a option that is investigated.

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