Reducing Calls to help lines and call centres


By providing self-help, self-service and answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) on a customer facing website, customers can be directed away from help lines and call centres, allowing these to add more value by solving more difficult issues.

Marketing literature, bills, invoices, product instructions and the company's voicemail system can all highlight the availability of this service, by letting customers know the website address.

Call volumes can be reduced by tens of percentage points by careful analysis of call types and effective deployment of web solutions. Typical areas are:

  • Address changes
  • Service change requests
  • Request for information, product literature, prices, etc
  • Policy / support questions - returns, exchanges, warrantees¬†

InterWeave can help identify how the web could reduce calls in your business; and through its complete design and implementation service, bring that benefit to you.

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