Increased Sales Revenue

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In the UK approximately £22.5 billion pounds was spent online in 2009.  In December 2010 online retail sales hit £5.46bn, an increase of 17% compared with the same month the previous year.  This compares with an increase of just 3.6% for all retail sales.  The online market predicted to grow by at least 10% each year; despite the recession.   All these are compelling reasons why most business, even 'bricks and mortar' ones, should be targeting at least 10% of their business being online as a minimum with 25% being health. This might seem a tall order, however web-based sales offer several advantages to your business:  

  • Increased customer volumes by extending your reach geographically and demographically.
  • Experience has shown that web shoppers are not high street shoppers; you need both.
  • Convenience and Shopping hours to suit the customer - 24 x 7 shopping is the norm for customers, but is an expensive option with bricks and mortar. Top consumer sites will be busy from 9am to 1am.
  • Higher value per sale - by careful design the web site can up-sell or cross-sell related goods and services, thus increasing the value of the basket.
  • Higher retention and better information capture - by careful design the web site can legally capture customers details and provide opportunities for future marketing. 

InterWeave can help identify the benefit of increasing sales revenue via the web, and through its complete design and implementation service bring those customers to you.

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